You are what you do. You spend more time working than you spend eating, sleeping or exercising. Needless to say, it has a major impact on your life. When you aren’t actually working, you spend time thinking about it, traveling for it, and talking about it. Work sneaks its way into all of your activities – you’ve probably even had a dream (or nightmare) about your job!

Your work is the greatest factor to achieving wealth, health and happiness – the three elements of True Abundance. What you do either creates or robs you of your abundance. I have found, the more passion you have in your work and in your life, the greater abundance you experience. Trouble is, it’s easier said than done. B-veloping is the act of aligning what you do with who you are – your passion – and in turn, increasing the abundance in your life.

The greater your passion, the greater your abundance

To be b-veloping, you don’t have to be working on your Passion Project, or even know what it is! Everyone has their own path. You just simply have to want more. “Want” is a powerful word. Contrary to belief, wanting is not an act of greed. In fact, it’s just the opposite! By saying you want more, you are making a statement that you deserve the best for yourself, and when you practice your passion, it benefits the lives of everyone you touch.

B-veloping starts with that want, that desire for more. By simply recognizing that what you do is not 100% fulfilling who you are, you have ignited that desire.

b-velop: to create a life of abundance by living with more passion and in alignment with who you are

You absolutely have the capacity to b-velop, to create a life where your work is in alignment with who you are. It may not be clear how you will get there but that is where B-veloping comes in. Join our community and relieve that itch of wanting to do more, feel fulfilled and create more abundance in your life!

B-veloping is about learning, sharing and experiencing greater abundance together. If you are looking for abundance-promoting, passion-ridden, life-fulling work, say YES to taking the steps to achieving your goals! Use B-veloping as your portal, your resource, to creating greater health, wealth and happiness in your life.